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I am interested in the way our perception is formed by external forces especially mechanisms of power. I am drawn to places, narratives or situations where vulnerabilities have been manipulated and which reflect certain failed dreams. 

My practice is influenced by early modernism, geometry and abstraction. I use forms and compositions that traditionally refer to non-objective ideals in an ambition to invoke something beyond the everyday.

The process of working involves collecting photographic materials, drawing and working with light or recorded time based material. The outcome is an installation or three-dimensional collage. Additionally, I often work with the gallery or exhibition space that connects all individual elements and anchors the work in time. 

In the past few years I have been inspired by architecture; urbanism and art works in public spaces in areas that display some kind of cultural or socio-political shift. I have worked in places such as Morocco, Israel and Senegal where modernity is not passively received but is a subject of perpetual reinterpratation.

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